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We are a biodynamic farm in Alachua, Florida committed to sustainability and community.


We are looking for future farmers to join the Swallowtail team. Our new apprentice farmers will be trained under the mentorship of our current farmer staff to gain essential skills in sustainable farming and self-sufficient living.

As a Swallowtail apprentice farmer, you will have the opportunity to learn our growing, harvesting, and marketing methods for a marvelous diversity of vegetable, flower, herb and fruit crops; experience an immersive introduction to animal stewardship and poultry management; gain hands-on experience in the use of a broad spectrum of tools and equipment, from hand tools to tractors; gather the skills necessary to produce and host amazing farm to table events and festivals; and gain a lifelong community of fellow farmers in the process.

We are accepting applications through June of 2019 for apprenticeship positions beginning September 2019 and continuing through the end of June 2020.


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