About Our CSA


What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture at its root is the reconnection of people to their food, and to the farms that grow it. Through the direct support of a local farm, the shareholder enters into a relationship with the farmer of their food that provides profound stability for the farmer, and the freshest possible local, seasonal eating for the shareholder.

As a model for the future of sustainable agriculture, CSA serves to develop regional food sources and a strong local economy; to encourage healthy land stewardship; to create and maintain a stable and balanced relationship between rural and urban communities; and to re-cultivate the sustainable scale of small family farms.  The relationship that is created between farmer and shareholder grants the farmer a fair & appreciative market, and simultaneously provides the consumer with the the highest quality, freshest produce available, along with a personal connection to the land where it is grown and the people who grow it. Operating costs in farming are typically heavily weighted toward the beginning of the season, and include everything from seed to compost to equipment maintenance to infrastructure improvement to farm crew salaries. With an upfront commitment, CSA members provide literal seed money for the farm, which is profoundly helpful in meeting the challenges of beginning a new season.

Our Produce

Our goal, every week is to provide our shareholders with the freshest, most nutritious food available. Using biodynamic farming methods we deliver healthy produce with no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals in our fields or on our plants. Our food is clean and supremely nourishing.

We will be sharing the following vegetables, herbs and cut flowers from our fields:

Sweet Corn

Summer Squash
Winter Squash



Fennel Bulbs
Sweet Potatoes
Bok Choy
and more!

What does Membership Include?

Benefits of the Swallowtail Farm Card CSA Membership:

  • 10% discount on anything you purchase from the farm

  • all the benefits of our traditional CSA, without any missed pickups

  • complete freedom and flexibility of what you want to receive from the farm

  • an open invitation to visit and/or work on the farm

  • a community of like-minded food-conscious folks, and

  • the uplifting knowledge that you are supporting local agriculture and contributing to the sustainable stewardship of local farmland.

How do you join?

Joining is simple: purchase a Swallowtail Farm Card

Introducing the Swallowtail Farm Card - A new way to CSA

The Swallowtail Farm Card is a simple and extraordinarily convenient way to CSA that accommodates anyone wanting to enjoy local food and flowers.

In exchange for your early commitment to our farm, our members receive the Swallowtail Farm Card, a 10% across the board discount(12% if you sign up before July 1st, 2019), and complete flexibility to shop for anything that Swallowtail Farm offers anytime during the harvest season.

You can join the Swallowtail Farm CSA Membership by purchasing a Swallowtail Farm Card:

Step 1: Visit our Store

Step 2: Select an amount to be loaded onto your card.
Tiers include:

  • $560 credit - you pay only $500

  • $840 credit - you pay only $750

  • $1120 credit - you pay only $1000

  • $1400 credit - you pay only $1250

  • $2240 credit - you pay only $2000

*These credit values include an Early-Bird Sign-up bonus active till July 1st, 2019. After July 1st, credit values will drop. Sign up today!

Step 3: Pickup your new Swallowtail Farm Card in the Fall of 2019 at one of our convenient market locations. More info to come soon.

Swallowtail Farm Cards are welcomed for use at our weekly farmers markets in Gainesville, (Union Street Farmers Market and Haile Village Farmers Market), at Thornebrook Village, as well as online and at the farm, from October 2019 through the end of May 2020.

The Swallowtail Farm Card can be used at any of our outlets (farmer’s markets, on-farm, and online), at any time, for any and all of our farm goods.

This includes:

  • Our Biodynamically-grown vegetables, fruit and herbs

  • Our famous flowers, including bouquets, online orders, and special

  • Swallowtail Creamery products, including Milk, Yogurt, Cheeses and more

  • Farm Dinner tickets

  • Wholesale orders

  • Festival admission and on-farm food and beverage purchases from Swallowtail

  • Jams, Pickles and other preserves

  • Swallowtail Farm swag, including our lovely hats, t-shirts, reusable bags, and more

Members may choose to reload your card in increments of $100 at any time during the season, with 10% bonus credit throughout the season. 

See our Swallowtail Farm Card Q&A Page here.

By joining our CSA, you understand and agree to our terms.