Spring Harvest

Our Food

Our CSA is the heart of our farm, allowing us to do what we do. Community Supported Agriculture at its root is the reconnection of people to their food, to the farms where it is grown, and to the people that grow it. Through the direct support of a local farm, the shareholder gains the freshest possible local seasonal eating, while providing profound stability for the farmer.

Swallowtail Farm CSA stand

CSA Membership

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Shareholders receive a weekly bag full of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, fresh-picked from our fields. Also included is a newsletter with recipes, snapshots from the farm, and a note from farmer Noah. Offering 3 convenient pickup locations.
For more information, visit the CSA Info page.

Pastured Eggs

Pastured Eggs

We have a flock of over 300 heritage breed chickens that provide us with delicious and nutritious eggs. These are some happy, healthy girls. We move our chickens onto new pasture often, so they always have a fresh supply of green grass and yummy bugs. Their pasture diet is supplemented only with organic grain. Come out and meet the ladies!



We are raising heritage Gloucester Old Spot x Duroc pigs on the farm. Our pigs spend their days enjoying each other’s company under the shade of the trees or rooting around in the grass. We use the pigs to help us prepare new areas for planting; those snouts are excellent tillers. They are fed organic grain along with a bounty of scraps from our gardens.