Talented and imaginative Chef Chase Rossi, from Gainesville's notable restaurant The Top, was given the freedom to use Swallowtail's farm fresh vegetables and livestock to create a memorable culinary experience centered on the importance of local food culture and sustainable agriculture. For most, it is a rare occurrence when you're aware of the exact origins of your dinner, and experience the peace of mind it provides. Here at Swallowtail, we hope to close the gap between growers and consumers, and to provide attendees with rewarding opportunities to experience firsthand the origins of what we put on our plates.

Using Swallowtail’s produce and livestock, the following dishes were presented:

·         Light and creamy Napoli carrot cumin soup, finished with a dollop of mint yogurt and crushed pecans.

·         Fresh and beautifully colorful arugula salad, topped with cubed purple sweet potatoes, a thin sliver of French breakfast radish, feta crumbles, all tied together with a refreshingly sweet grapefruit basil vinaigrette and vibrant calendula petals.

·          Herb marinated grilled lamb skewers (cooked to a perfect medium rare), paired with a decadent cauliflower puree and balsamic braised Tuscan kale, perfected by a drizzle of fragrant Italian salsa verde. (A tempeh skewer substitute for vegetarian/vegan accommodations)

·         For dessert, guests were presented with a uniquely savory and sweet combination of coconut congee (Asian rice porridge), served with ginger macerated strawberries, toasted coconut, sprinkled with bitter-sweet cacao nibs.

The mixed variety of bread and cheeses featured were from the following local sources:

·  Big Cyrpress Bakery - Sourdough, olive loaf, fennel and raisin

·  Cypress Point Creamery - Flatwoods feta

We hope to welcome newcomers and previous attendees to our next Farm to Table, for more information of upcoming events, please follow us on Facebook or contact us at 352-327-1175.

AuthorJessica Johnston